Bohèmi the Boutique

Clothes you can wear.

We are a Los Angeles based boutique that is inspired by our beautiful city. Pajarito (Little Bird) features a collection of all the things we love, a little boho and a little edge, a little city girl, and a little beach babe.

 Our goal is to provide you with gorgeous affordable clothing without surrendering quality, style or inspiration. We believe that the key to style is finding the pieces that you love and wearing them in a way that translates how you feel today. We hand pick every item and support the local economy and feature local designers. 


About the owner:

DJ is a true California girl. Born and raised in Los Angeles. Her passion for clothing and accessories led her to open the boutique so that she could share her finds with the rest of the world (and justify spending all her money on clothes!). Nothing satisfies her more that finding a great piece at a great price and passing on the joy!